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Central Office Codes for the 848 Area Code

Exchange City State Carrier County
848-200MetuchenNJInfinite Communication, Llc - Nj Middlesex
848-202New BrunswickNJCablevision Lightpath, Inc. - NjMiddlesex
848-203Perth AmboyNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMiddlesex
848-205MetuchenNJCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - NjMiddlesex
848-206FarmingdaleNJLevel 3 Communications, Llc - NjMonmouth
848-207FreeholdNJSprint Spectrum L.p.Monmouth
848-208EatontownNJSprint Spectrum L.p.Monmouth
848-209New BrunswickNJInfinite Communication, Llc - Nj Middlesex
848-210Toms RiverNJCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - NjOcean
848-213Monmouth JunctionNJInfinite Communication, Llc - Nj Middlesex
848-214DealNJPeerless Network Of New Jersey, Llc - Nj Monmouth
848-216SomersetNJSprint Spectrum L.p.Somerset
848-217Asbury ParkNJPeerless Network Of New Jersey, Llc - Nj Monmouth
848-218MiddletownNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMonmouth
848-219MetuchenNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMiddlesex
848-220BelmarNJXo New Jersey, Inc.Monmouth
848-221Toms RiverNJLevel 3 Communications, Llc - NjOcean
848-222LakewoodNJSprint Spectrum L.p.Ocean
848-223Toms RiverNJSprint Spectrum L.p.Ocean
848-224Toms RiverNJCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - NjOcean
848-225MiddletownNJPeerless Network Of New Jersey, Llc - Nj Monmouth
848-227LakehurstNJTeleport Communications Group - New York - NjOcean
848-228New BrunswickNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMiddlesex
848-229MetuchenNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMiddlesex
848-230New BrunswickNJSprint Spectrum L.p.Middlesex
848-231FreeholdNJCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - NjMonmouth
848-232Point Pleasant BeachNJComcast Business Communications, Inc. - Nj Ocean
848-235RahwayNJCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - NjUnion
848-236RahwayNJBroadvox-clec, Llc - Nj Union
848-240Toms RiverNJSprint Spectrum L.p.Ocean
848-248MetuchenNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMiddlesex
848-250WoodbridgeNJSprint Spectrum L.p.Middlesex
848-260MetuchenNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMiddlesex
848-299LakewoodNJTeleport Communications Group - New York - NjOcean
848-300Atlantic HighlandsNJTeleport Communications Group - New York - NjMonmouth
848-303Long BranchNJCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - NjMonmouth
848-333Toms RiverNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjOcean
848-373LakewoodNJIbc Telecom Corp. - Nj Ocean
848-391New BrunswickNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMiddlesex
848-404BelmarNJXo New Jersey, Inc.Monmouth
848-444FreeholdNJCoretel New Jersey, Inc. - Nj Monmouth
848-445New BrunswickNJPaetec Communications, Inc. - NjMiddlesex
848-448Toms RiverNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjOcean
848-456EatontownNJNetwork Billing Systems, Lc - Nj Monmouth
848-459FreeholdNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMonmouth
848-466Red BankNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMonmouth
848-467RahwayNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjUnion
848-468MatawanNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMonmouth
848-469Spring LakeNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMonmouth
848-480Toms RiverNJNetwork Billing Systems, Lc - Nj Ocean
848-482FreeholdNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMonmouth
848-525LakewoodNJSprint Spectrum L.p.Ocean
848-565New BrunswickNJSprint Spectrum L.p.Middlesex
848-575DunellenNJVerizon New Jersey, Inc.Middlesex
848-628RahwayNJAllegiance Telecom Of New Jersey, Inc.Union
848-666RahwayNJCoretel New Jersey, Inc. - Nj Union
848-667Monmouth JunctionNJOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - NjMiddlesex
848-702Bound BrookNJNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - DcSomerset
848-777DealNJVoxbeam Telecommunications Inc. - Nj Monmouth
848-863FreeholdNJCablevision Lightpath, Inc. - NjMonmouth
848-888Long BranchNJCoretel New Jersey, Inc. - Nj Monmouth
848-932New BrunswickNJPaetec Communications, Inc. - NjMiddlesex
848-992Toms RiverNJSprint Spectrum L.p.Ocean
848-999WoodbridgeNJCoretel New Jersey, Inc. - Nj Middlesex
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848 NPA Data

New Jersey's 848 area code consists of 25 unique zip codes, 19 telephone companies, and 1 county.